Menton Menton is a charming town full of mystery located at the french-italian boarder, between Monaco and Italy, nestling in the heart of a bay.

Surrounded by mountains, Menton is protected from winds and benefits from a wonderful weather.Thanks to a beneficial subtropical microclimate (316 cloudless days a year), winter is practically unknown in Menton.

Therefore, you can enjoy a beautiful sea and the nearby sunny mountains all year round.Paradise of gardens, Menton is also a unique display of architecture. The scents, colours and tranquillity, but also the diversity of the activities that can be practiced here throughout the year, make Menton “the pearl of France”.
Menton - Fin lägenhet i centrum, bara några steg från han strand



Elegant lägenhet i stadens centrum, inte långt från stränderna
- Från : 165 200 €